A Haiku on Censorship

A Letter To The Humanity of The United States

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  1. “Home” Is Wherever You Are Able To Find Peace — I Trust That Everyone Reading This Can Find Home Within Themselves.
  2. No One Needs To Care About You, We’re All Too Busy Trying To Care About Ourselves. This Statement Alone Should Help You Realize The Profundity Of Those That Do.
  3. The Truth Never Changes — It Is Only Ever Covered Up. The Same Is True Of The Dreams That Sprout From Within Our Gut.
  4. Even…

responding to Haiku This! prompt: Loyalty

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And a subjective understanding of what “Community” means

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Love is hard to define.

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How to stay high on life

What it feels like to discover and rediscover yourself

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Is it you, or is it yours?

Sean Biava

Tech has changed how we communicate forever. Lets make sure that peace and love are always a part of the conversation.

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